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Installation Guide
Perform the installation process.
  This completes the installation operation
Start Set up the teaching process
  Open the folder
  Right-click on content
  Click properties
  Click Compatibility
  Setting the System Administrator run
  Click Apply, please press OK.
  Click on selections to your desktop
  You can freely change the shortcut name
  Click to select the registration function
  Please enter a secondary password set up the account
  Please fill in the auxiliary set a password
  Please select a free account option.
  Please click execution options, to register.
  After registration you will be prompted to get the account currently in use for several days.
  Click on the start, actively switch auxiliary work platform
  Complete secondary registration process.
Product card recharge
  Click to recharge.
  Fill commodity card number
  Fill Other users have paid accounts.
  Click execution.
Support a variety of platforms login, login please select the appropriate category of teaching sign operator
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