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Accessibility articles
Normal Item Science Troop wold tool System
Normal settings
 Cargo:  Automatic receive the goods rewards.
 Help:  Automatic request help allies and allies to help.
 Harvest:  Harvest automatic farmland, sawmill, iron ore mine, Peru silver field.
 Princess:  King's Envoy automatically receive reward.
 Sign in:  automatically receive a daily attendance bonus.
 Daily:  daily tasks automatically receive the award.
 Alliance donated:  Automatically Union donations.
 Recover city def:  Levee value decreases automatically it repairs the walls
 Lucky wheel:  automatic daily free Wheel of Fortune.
 Alliance Treasure:  Treasure automatically
 Prayer:  Receive daily free prayer resources automatically.
 Lucky Roulette:  Automatic use of copper coins.
 Click Soldier:  Automatically click on the screen action Soldier.
 Point in the game:  automatically click the screen to trigger the dialogue.
 Automatic test:  Automatically use a test activity
 Delete messages:  Automatically receive rewards and delete messages.
  How much higher than the value set is traveling merchants exchange, you can set the 1000 or 10000 values.
  How much higher than the value set is traveling merchants exchange, you can set the 1000 or 10000 values.
 The tree of life:  to receive free fruit.
 Dynamic Value:  Set how many K low energy use items.
 Black Dragon Features:  must have been hatched features completion status
 dialog:  automatic and Black Dragon dialog.
 Interactive:  Black Dragon friend value is above 30 per cent.
 Tour:  Black Dragon friend value is above 50 per cent.
 Dragon Tower:  ancient castle level 10 and above using the features.
 The challenge:  You can set 3 difficulty select simple, plain, difficulties.
 Formations 2:  Using the 2 army formations.
 The minimum strength:  Set how many numbers start.
  Team 3 Hero Trial: Automatically use team 3 for, automatic hero trials.
  Automatically use learned skills.
  Automatically upgrade the building set, or can not be upgraded if there is demand for high grade, first tick temporarily canceled. Press the up and down arrows, you can adjust the order.
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